Our Services

  • Buried Pipeline and Utility Locating


    Alberta Hot Line Inc. (AHL) specializes in locating any underground facility within the Oil and Gas Industry. We are responsible for ensuring everything reasonable and practical has been done to avoid damage of any and all underground facilities. Our background (since 1985) as experienced locators has led us to many of the busiest and most congested fields and facilities in Western Canada. AHL is a Certified Corporate Member of the Canadian Association of Underground Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors ( CAPULC) and as a director on its’ board.

  • Computer Generated Mapping

    Accurate Documentation

    Alberta Hot Line ensures that all our clients' needs are met and provide drawings that can be easily understood, including those within busy and congested facilities. We verify the information provided on our drawings are accurate, well documented and fully discussed and understood with our clients before any ground disturbance has taken place. We provide detailed GPS drawings of facilities at our client's request.

  • Line Locator Training

    Advanced Line Locator (ALL) Program

    Alberta Hot Line Inc. (AHL) has developed the Advanced Line Locator (ALL) Program. This comprehensive, extensive and progressive program encompasses locating underground facilities sector by sector in more detail using proven and innovative methods of locating.


  • Supervisory Level Ground Disturbance

    PROPPER Safe Digging

    Alberta Hot Line Inc. (AHL) has developed a supervisory level ground disturbance course - PROPPER Safe Digging . This comprehensive, extensive and progressive program encompasses the "propper" phases to complete a safe and successful ground disturbance.