Occupational Health Environment & Safety Policy

  • Safety

    Alberta Hot Line operates in a manner to protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and, the public. AHL protects the environment while complying with government laws and regulations. We continually evolve our safety policy by committing to a proactive approach to reduce the risk of injuries, equipment damage, production losses and, environmental damage.

  • Computer Generated Mapping

    Alberta Hot Line‘s main principal and belief is “Safety comes first!”. Our employees have the right, responsibility and the ability to prevent accidents. Employees are responsible for understanding and complying with all customer regulations, requirements, practices and procedures relating to their job. In addition, employees are encouraged to create a safe work site by assisting in recognizing potential hazards. Alberta Hot Line utilizes all means at our disposal to provide a safe work environment. We inform our clients of any potential danger within the workplace.

  • Line Locator Training

    Alberta Hot Line management is dedicated to regularly auditing our safety policy. We take practical actions to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors, customers and, the public. AHL consults with our employees, contractors, customers, the public and, regulators to continually improve our safety program. Alberta Hot Line has developed and implemented quality control procedures to coincide with our clients‘ quality assurance processes. We take great pride in assisting and educating our clients with safe ground disturbance practices.